About Us

The Society of Clinical Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnosis was founded in 1986 by Professor Antigoni Arseni. Objectives of the Society are to bring together medical doctors who are active in Clinical Microbiology and research and to promote continued education in laboratory diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.
The Society presents a whole range of activities:

  1. The publication of Applied Clinical Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnosis, a journal issued quarterly which invites papers in the field of Clinical Microbiology.
  2. A National Symposium organized annually (in Greece).
  3. Regular meetings that take place once a month at the ‘’Aghia Sophia’’ children’s Hospital-Athens, during which interesting case reports are presented.
  4. As a part of its efforts to promote the early career development and continued education of young colleagues, the Administrative Council of the Society will grant up to 1000E per doctor to support the participation of two young biopathologists, working in Medical Microbiology Departments of greek hospitals, each year in educational workshops or seminars organized by International Professional Societies on the subject of Clinical Microbiology.
  5. Two awards have been established:
    • The “A. Arseni” award (in honour of the Society’s founder) which is awarded biannually during the National Congress of Clinical Microbiology to the best original paper submitted to the Congress of relevance to Clinical Microbiology.The amount of the award is 1000 E.
    • The Annual Award for the best medical article published in the society’s journal. It amounts to 500 E and is awarded during the society’s annual National Symposium.

History of EKMED

Establishment: 1986
Founder: A.Arseni

Founding members

A. Arseni A. Parapanessios
N. Vakalis V. Petrocheilou
M. Giannaki P. Plachouras
A. Karaitianou-Velonaki A. Raftopoulou
M. Karivali M. Roussou-Liveri
N. J. Legakis G. Terzoglou
A. Maniatis  A. Tsotsos
V. Michail-Merianou E. Trikka
A. Pangalis A. Charissiadou
J. Palermos G. Christakis