With the new data base of our Society you have the opportunity to change your personal account’s data. By refreshing and completing the required fields you provide us with the opportunity of a better communication with you. Please follow the instructions.

Personal data

Fill in your Surname, Name and Father’s Name in Greek, with the initial capital letter and the rest lower case with the necessary stresses.

Fill in Email1 obligatory in Latin, lower case letters. This email address will also serve as your Username for your full access to the website and to our Journal in particular.

You can optionally give a second email address in the Emai2 field.

Choose obligatory the Professional Activity  (Freelance, NHS doctor- Public Hospital,  Member- University, Intern and if you don’t fall in one of the above categories: other paid post) and fill in your precise expertise as well as your correspondent level (eg Professor). In case you are an Intern the field of your level will not be completed.

Members’ data

The Record Number of our Society will be issued AUTOMATICALLY by our database and will NOT be chosen by the user.

User name is filled in automatically

Password should comply with the following:

  • It should contain at least 8 characters and include Latin (capital or low case) and optionally numbers (e.g. 1234) and symbols (_ [email protected]#$%=)
  • The use of Greek characters is not allowed.
  • The password cannot be the same as the username or be a part of it.
  • To change your password you cannot use one of the last three passwords that you have used for safety reasons.

Choose between Subscriber or Member & Subscriber.

Indicate in the Member Status if you are Active or Pensioner.

Only if you are Active fill in your Record Number of your Medical Association as well as the Medical Association that you belong to (e.g. Athens or Piraeus). If you don’t know which Medical Association you belong to, you can find it on the special card of your Medical Association.

Fill if necessary in both fields: Member that recommends you 1&2, provided that these fields are empty or have a spelling mistake.

Employment – Residence Data

Fill in the obligatory fields clearly, using Greek and checking the spelling. Do not forget to fill in the contact information as fully as possible.


Chose the way you want to receive our Society mail in your employment or residence. You are also given the opportunity to receive our news, Journal and activities in your email address. By choosing Yes you will receive our information material in Email1.