Period B / Volume 21 / No 3 / July – September 2016

CONTENTS Guest Editors: E-T. Piperaki and E. Perivolioti EDITORIAL PAGE • Focus on Parasitology E-T. Piperaki, E. Perivolioti REVIEWS Diagnosis of malaria K. Tzanetou Εxamination of fecal specimens for parasites (Ova and Parasites examination): review and commonly encountered problems E-T. Piperaki Ectoparasites commonly encountered in clinical practice: Sarcoptes scabiei, Pediculus...


Period B / Volume 21 / No 2 / April – June 2016

CONTENTS REVIEWS PAGE Serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis: a review  K. Tzanetou Indices of pathogen-specific, intrathecally synthesized antibodies F. Boufidou Diabetic foot infection: epidemiology, pathogenesis, classification and treatment M. Dimitriou, N. Papanas RESEARCH ARTICLE Laboratory-diagnosed cutaneous leishmaniasis cases in “Andreas Syggros” hospital, 2000-2016 E-T. Piperaki, A-D. Panopoulou, A. Ieronymaki, A. Kargadouri, E. Sykoutemi, S. Chryssou DIAGNOSTIC ALGORITHM Syphilis:...


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