Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new website of the Society of Clinical Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnosis!

In ekmed.gr you will have the opportunity to browse easily learning the latest news, activities (meetings, conferences), more information on EKMED, but also have access to our journal files. You can also easily search through the site looking for information.

The new page EKMED is associated with social media, making it easier to access. You have the opportunity -at the bottom of the page- to subscribe to newsletter of EKMED by entering your email, even if you are not a member or subscriber, to receive updates and news.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

For members and subscribers

In the new page EKMED, members and subscribers are now able to login and access their personal account for free access to specific categories in the journal’s current issues, which you can view online or download it to your computer, and to renew or enter your personal information has been registered by EKMED. For more information please visit the greek edition.


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